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Typescript Training Online / Classroom

TypeScript is a

TypeScript is a free open source typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
Any browser. Any host. Any OS.

TypeScript supports class-based object-oriented programming to the language. It builds on JavaScript by adding classes, modules, interfaces and optional type declarations. TypeScript is developed for development of large enterprise scale web applications and transcompiles to JavaScript. 
TypeScript makes you JavaScript to more readable and maintainable. 

The toolset is used for building the framework most suited to your application development. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.
TypeScript course will qualify you to quickly build rich user-interfaces behaviors. We focus on a solid understanding of how to structure TypeScript web applications to promote maintainability and performance.

This best TypeScript course online / class room is built with the commitment of exposing you to the best obtainable resources on each TypeScript topic. WISEN’s only wish is to present these topics elaborately, and from a variety of vantage points, in order to afford you a more complete perspective on them.    

This TypeScript curriculum is developed to accurately guide you through each of the key concepts of TypeScript systematically with a comprehensive coverage to great quality content. With your eventual mastery of TypeScript, you will be able to fluently and efficiently construct mission critical enterprise scale web applications.

TypeScript Training course assumes intermediate level JavaScript. This Classroom TypeScript Training course / TypeScript Online Course is aimed at existing JavaScript programmers who hope to bring concrete engineering principles to their web application development, adding structure to complex client side web application development. 

We also offers JavaScript Technology related course like Classroom / Online Backbone.js Training,  Classroom / Online Bootstrap Course, Classroom / Online AngularJS Course, Classroom / Online Node.js Training and many more.

Live as if you were to die Tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to liveForever
by Mahatma Gandhi

Our Classroom TypeScript Training / TypeScript Online course building blocks are 

  •  Theory & Lessons
  •  Lab Programs / Lab Activities
  •  Real time Tasks / Lab Exercises
  •  Project Work

Our each chapter includes

  • An Objective that informs you about what you're going to learn in the chapter
  • A Lecture Slides, explain new concepts, in a step-by-step most easiest path.
  • A cheat sheet that tells you what you have learned from that chapter.
  • A Lab Programs to understand practically what you have learned from the trainers.
  • A Lab Tasks to apply and assess your knowledge what you've understand.

For Your Dream Career

Skills You Learn (Objectives)

Upon completion of this best advanced TypeScript course, all attendees obtain in-depth knowledge to

  • Solid knowledge on TypeScript
  • Use various data types available in TypeScript
  • Use various expressions & operators available in TypeScript
  • Understand the in-depth concept on control structures.
  • Use the arrays.
  • Understand the in-depth concepts on tuples.
  • Use the TypeScript functions for reusability
  • How to overload the TypeScript functions
  • Understand the in-depth concept on Arrow Functions
  • Understand the in-depth concept on OOP in TypeScript
  • How to develop class and create object from that class.
  • How to preserve method context using various options provided by TypeScript
  • How to work with instance members.
  • How to create & use constructors.
  • Understand the in-depth concept on access modifiers to implement encapsulation.
  • How to use interface in your web applications
  • Understand the in-depth concept on interface inheritance
  • How to use the static keyword
  • Understand the in-depth concept on SOLID Principles
  • How to implement the Exception Handling mechanism in TypeScript
  • Understand the in-depth concept on Enumeration
  • Understand the in-depth concept modulesv
  • How to export & import modules.
  • How to use generic function, interfaces & classes
  • Understand the in-depth concept on Scope & Variable hoisting
  • Understand & implement the TypeScript event concept
  • Work with the TypeScript Type System
  • Understand the in-depth concept on Ambient Declarations

Our singular priority is to provide you with the in-depth practical & best practices programming and development knowledge and demo project support you need, to achieve your dream ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Dream Career objectives. We are committed to help you, because we believe 

YOUR Success is our Success

Indepth Course Coverage

Typescript Training Course Contents

    • Module - 01 TypeScript

      • Chapter - 01 Typescript Fundamentals

        • About Typescript
        • Compiling or Transpiling
        • Typescript Files
        • Typescript Compiler
        • Common Flags
        • ECMAScript Target Version
        • Generate Declarations
        • No Implicit Any
        • Combined Output
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 02 Variables & Data Types

        • Primitive Data Types
        • String Types
        • Boolean Type
        • Number Type
        • Type Annotation
        • The undefined Type
        • The null Type
        • The void Type
        • The any Type
        • Union Type
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 03 Expressions & Operators

        • The ++ and – operators
        • The +, –, and ~ operators
        • The ! operator
        • The double !! operator
        • Contextually Typed Expressions
        Theory (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)|Practical (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)
        Total (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 04 Control Structures

        • For-In Statements
        • With Statements
        Theory (00:30 to 00:45 Hrs)|Practical (00:30 to 00:45 Hrs)
        Total (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 05 Arrays

        • Define Single Dimension Array
        • Define Multi Dimension Array
        • Array Type Literals
        • Tuple Type
        • Tuple Type Literals
        Theory (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)|Practical (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)
        Total (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 06 Functions

        • The void Function
        • Optional Parameters
        • Default Parameters
        • Rest Parameters
        • Implementation Signature
        • Function Overloading
        • Specialized Overload Signature
        • Non Specialized Overload Signature
        • Arrow Functions
        • Function Type Literals
        • Contextually Typed Function Expressions
        • Destructuring Parameter Declarations
        Theory (01:30 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:30 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (03:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 07 OOP in Typescript

        • Object Types
        • Define Class
        • Creating Object
        • Constructors
        • Automatic Constructors
        • Instance Properties
        • Instance Methods
        • Property Getters & Setters
        • The this Keyword
        • Index Member Declarations
        • Inheritance
        • Overriding the base class member
        • Calling super class member
        • Losing method context
        • Preserve the method context using Arrow Function
        • Preserve the method context by function wrapping
        • Preserve the method context by bind function
        • Polymorphism
        • Overload Resolution
        • Type Argument Inference
        • Encapsulation
        • Access Modifiers
        • Define Interface
        • Defining constructor in the interface
        • Implementing the interface
        • Interface inheritance
        • Interface inheriting from class
        • Union type on interface
        • Dynamic Type Checks
        • The static keyword
        • Open recursion
        • Forwarding
        • Delegation
        • SOLID Principles
        • The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
        • The Open–Closed Principle (OCP)
        • The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)
        • The Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)
        • The Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)
        • Mixins
        • Sealing Objects
        • Extending the Prototype
        • Type Queries
        Theory (02:00 to 04:10 Hrs)|Practical (02:00 to 04:10 Hrs)
        Total (04:00 to 08:20 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 08 Exception Handling

        • About Exceptions
        • Exception Handling
        • The throw Keyword
        • The Error Type
        • ApplicationError
        • InputError
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 09 Working with Enumeration

        • About Enumeration
        • Define Enumeration
        • Enum Members
        • Declaration Merging
        Theory (00:30 to 00:45 Hrs)|Practical (00:30 to 00:45 Hrs)
        Total (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 10 Working with Modules

        • Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)
        • CommonJS
        • Internal Modules
        • Module Body
        • The export Keyword
        • The import Statement
        • External Statement
        • The require function
        • The parent module
        • The root module
        • Module Loading CommonJS style
        • Module Loading AMD style
        • Export Assignments
        • Module Merging
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 11 Working with Generics

        • About Generics
        • Generic Functions
        • Generic Interfaces
        • Generic Classes
        • Type Constraints
        • Named tuple types
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 12 Working with Runtime

        • Scope
        • Variable Hoisting
        • Callbacks
        • Passing Functions as Arguments
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 13 Working with Events

        • About Events
        • Event Capturing Phase
        • Event Bubbling Phase
        • Custom-Event Mechanism
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 14 Working with Type System

        • Nominal Type System
        • Code Transformation
        • Type Erasure
        • Type Inference
        • Structural Subtyping
        • Contextual Types
        • Widened Types
        • Duplicate Identifiers
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 15 Ambient Declarations

        • The declare keyword
        • The a.d.ts file extension
        • Ambient Variable Declarations
        • Ambient Function Declarations
        • Ambient Class Declarations
        • Ambient Enum Declarations
        • Ambient Module Declarations
        • Ambient External Module Declarations
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

Quality UI & UX Training

Why CHoose WISEN

  • We provide value for YOUR money
  • We @ WISEN progressively goal to deliver the best Classroom / Online learning experience available.
  • Over 90% to 95% of our delegates come back to us for further training
  • All of our training is hands-on, using real world examples
  • Includes pre-course material, documentation, exams & certificates
  • WISEN makes the learning experience enjoyable
  • Courses delivered by experienced IT Training instructors
  • Small class sizes for optimum delegate-trainer interaction
  • Learn the key to develop the Web Application effectively
  • Quickly moved into more advanced topics.

Practical Project Knowledge

TypeScript Course Certification You can Earn

TypeScript is not a product of any company. Therefore, there is no approximately accepted certification for TypeScript Course Online / Class room.

When times get tough for IT hiring, in fact, the certification from the well known companies like Microsoft, Oracle etc can be a real advantage to boost your profile. But nothing beats experience & practical oriented knowledge.

WISEN Self Developed Material

Best Advanced TypeScript Course Materials*

Our Student Materials include a comprehensive Student Guide complete with detailed course notes, diagrams and a copy of the presentation. Step-by-step lab instructions are clearly illustrated for maximum learning.

We offer Typescript Training in Chennai India for classroom based training.

  •  Theory & Lessons
  •  Lab Programs / Lab Activities
  •  Real time Tasks / Lab Exercises
  •  Project Work

Dream Career Oriented

Best Advanced TypeScript Course Duration


The exact TypeScript Training Course schedule will depend on the theory class pace. If we have time, WISEN have lots more to share the best practice knowledge.

Tailor Made

TypeScript Corporate Training

Whether your employee

  • New to TypeScript
  • Working with TypeScript

WISEN offers a structured online / classroom TypeScript learning roadmap specially designed to meet your project needs.

This Corporate TypeScript Training will provide your employees with the overall expertise in TypeScript best practices programming techniques that your employees need before progressing onto TypeScript development.

We offer Typescript Course in Chennai India for classroom based training.

Wisen also offered other corporate training courses like Angular.JS Corporate Training, Node.js Corporate Training, Backbone.JS Corporate Training, Bootstrap Corporate Training, CCorporate JavaScript Training and many more,.

Growth Development Center

TypeScript Training Institutes in Chennai

Our best Typescript Training in Chennai , India location. Check out TypeScript Training Institutes in Chennai location by clicking any of the below Google Map links.

TypeScript Training in Chennai

TypeScript Course in Chennai


Online TypeScript Training

Still having a dilemma to choose between
Classroom Best TypeScript Training in Chennai
TypeScript Online Course ?
Forget it !

Our TypeScript Online Training methodology "Online Edge" is your 'One Stop Solution for your most Convenient Online TypeScript Training course Needs'. 

We, Wisen shall provide you best instructor led Online TypeScript course Chennai India without costly travel or interrupting your busy schedule.

What makes WISEN’s Online Instructor Led TypeScript Online Course Approach "Online Edge" so unique? 

  • Customized Fit:  Tailored TypeScript online training course speed: We shall customize according to your learning speed. Our trainers shall fine tune in accordance to you learning pace and deliver the best TypeScript Online Course experience.
  • Most Convenient: Get trained from any preferred location of your choice, we are eager to deliver you the best course.
  • Reliable: Top quality certified Wisen instructors shall conduct an advanced TypeScript training online for you and help you reach your dream career goal in an optimized duration.
  • Save Time and Money: Spend less on travelling and more time on gaining Top Quality Best TypeScript Online course.
  • Balanced Theory & Practical session: 50% Theory and 50% Practical
  • Practical Tasks and Case Studies:  TypeScript Online Training course shall also include these to enhance your IT learning curve and make you Job and Project ready candidate for today's competitive IT world.

Personalized Query Solving and Feedback Sessions 

We assure you to make you a Job Ready Candidate at the end of the TypeScript online training course session. 

Our Location: Best TypeScript Online Training in Chennai, India. 

Our other online training classes Angularjs Online Training, Online Node js Course, Backbone.js Online Training and many more.

To Prove WISEN Quality

TypeScript Online Course Free Demo Class

Go ahead and avail of our free demo class 

 Why a Best TypeScript online Course free demo class?

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind;
       But great actions speak to all mankind.
Theodore Roosevelt

Our best TypeString Online Course Free Demo class are conducted in Skype, Gtalk  etc or any other preferred mode you like.

Learn the LATEST

Advanced Classroom / Online TypeScript Essential Training Versions

  • TypeScript Version 1.6

Innovation is KEY

Best TypeScript Training Lecture / Practical Ratio

This Mastering TypeScript training / TypeScript Course class is

  • 50% quality lecture
  • 30% Hands on lab programs
  • 20% lab problem solving exercises

To Succeed

TypeScript Training Course Prerequisites

Typescript Course / Typescript Online Course Prerequisites are

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • JavaScript Language
  • JQuery

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