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AngularJS Training Online / Classroom

Angular.js is a

Simple, Structural JavaScript Client Side (front-end) Framework for developing Single Page Dynamic Web Applications,
Maintained by Google and community

Angular.JS is used for building sophisticated and structured Single page Web application, one page web applications. Angular uses HTML to define the app’s user interface. It provides a rich API  that helps to organize your JavaScript code and makes it easier for you to develop Single Page Web Application which is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) application design paradigm.

There are wide array of JavaScript libraries and frameworks which helps you structure your Javascript code. Angular.js is one of the popular framework. In Angular applications, the view is the Document Object Model (DOM), the controllers are JavaScript classes, and the model data is stored in object properties.

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The main advantage of Angular.js is its dependency injection which is very advantageous when you want to unit test your code. Angular supports event driven programming. Angular makes web browser smarter. It decouples DOM manipulation from application logic. This improves the testability of the code.

In Angularjs course online / Class room, we will take you on a step-by-step journey to learn Angular.JS for front-end developers who want to enhance their competent from novice to ninja. You'll learn everything you need to know to build structured and maintainable real-world applications with Angular. You will learn best practices in MV* programming and web development techniques based on object oriented programming and design patterns.

In this Angularjs Course Online MVVM Architecture concept provides front-end JavaScript professionals and programmers with the platform and tools they need for developing large and complex enterprise wide web based application in JavaScript Platform.

Angular.js Training / Angular.js Course is for any front-end JavaScript Programmer who wants to write clean, structured, maintainable and testable Javascript code using MVVM architecture.

The other courses similar to this Best Angularjs training online / class room which can be used to create Single Page Application are Backbone.js Course, Knockoutjs Training,  Emberjs Course etc.

We also offers JavaScript Framework Classroom / Online related course like Bootstrap Training, Node.js Training, TypeScript Training, Classroom / Online D3.js Training, Classroom / Online Responsive Web Design Training and many more. 

  •  Theory & Lessons
  •  Lab Programs / Lab Activities
  •  Real time Tasks / Lab Exercises
  •  Project Work

Our each chapter includes

  • An Objective that informs you about what you're going to learn in the chapter
  • A Lecture Slides, explain new concepts, in a step-by-step most easiest path.
  • A cheat sheet that tells you what you have learned from that chapter.
  • A Lab Programs to understand practically what you have learned from the trainers.
  • A Lab Tasks to apply and assess your knowledge what you've understand.

Skills You Learn (Objectives)

After this Classroom Best Angularjs Training in Chennai / Angularjs Online course, you gain the below skills to become full-fledged IT Technocrat.

To Challenge your Thinking,
Change your Outlook &
Choose YOUR Future.

Upon completion of this best advanced Angularjs training online / class room course, all attendees obtain in-depth knowledge to    

  • How to develop the web application closer to MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).
  • Gain a working knowledge of developing Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Define your UI in the template, using standard HTML plus Angular directives
  • Create a structured dynamic web application that works in all modern browsers.
  • Fluid transitions between page states, rich interaction with UI components.
  • How to parse the HTML templates into DOM 
  • How to perform a two-way data binding.
  • How to handle the synchronization between the DOM and the model, and vice versa
  • Track and bookmark able links.
  • Develop the model layer for your web application.
  • Create data model using Plain Old AngularjsScript Objects (POJO) 
  • How to group data into sets 
  • How to create custom HTML controls using directives
  • How to track child-parent relationships.
  • How to manage state in your Angular applications.
  • Use templating libraries for cleaner separation of HTML and JavaScript.
  • Attach behavior to any HTML elements or attributes.
  • Create new HTML elements or attributes with custom behavior.
  • Combine the directives with a scope to bring the live view.
  • Make the scope model the single-source-of-truth.
  • Angular.js Training / Angular.js Course teaches you how to create models for organizing our data structures in an application
  • How to format data with filters
  • Change views with routes
  • Validate the user input.
  • Organize dependencies with Modules
  • Angular.js Training / Angular.js Course teached you how to keep the business logic separate from the user interface, more commonly called as the separation of concerns.

Our singular priority on Best AngularJS Course / Best AngularJS Training is to provide you with the in-depth practical & best practices programming and development knowledge and demo project support you need, to achieve your dream ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Dream Career objectives. We are committed to help you, because we believe 

YOUR Success is our Success

Indepth Course Coverage

Angular.JS Training Course Contents

    • Module - 01 AngularJS

      • Chapter - 01 Angularjs Essentials

        • Angular.js
        • Single Page Web Application
        • Single Page Web App Challenges
        • Applying Angular.js to HTML File
        • Angular.Module
        • The ng-app Attribute
        • Creating a Data Module
        • Controller
        • Creating a Controller
        • The $scope Object
        • Creating a View
        • Creating Controller Behavior
        Theory (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)|Practical (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)
        Total (03:00 to 04:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 02 Working with Directives

        • About Directives
        • Directive Categories
        • Types of Directives
        • Built-in Directives
        • The ng-init Directive
        • The ng-bind Directive
        • The ng-init & ng-bind as Attribute
        • The ng-init & ng-bind as CSS Class
        • Expressions
        • Input Elements With Expressions
        • Expression Gets Controller Data
        • Forms of Directives
        • ng-app vs. data-ng-app vs. x-ng-app
        • The ng-init scope
        • Expression within ng-init
        • The ng-checked Directive
        • The ng-class Directive
        • ng-class – Evaluating a string
        • ng-class – Evaluating an Object
        • ng-class – Evaluating an array
        • The ng-style Directive
        • The ng-show Directive
        • The ng-hide Directive
        • The ng-if Directive
        • Implication of ngIf Directive
        • The ng-readonly Directive
        • The ng-selected Directive
        • The ng-open Directive
        • The ng-switch Directive
        • The ng-value Directive
        • Custom Directives
        • The directive Method
        • The template Field
        • Simple Custom Directive
        • The templateUrl Field
        • The templateUrl Field - String
        • The templateUrl Field – function
        • Scopes in Custom Directives
        • Type of Scopes
        • Custom Directive inherits Scope Object
        • Shared Scope
        • Inherited Scope
        • Isolated Scope
        • Pass data as a String using @@
        • Passing Data as Object using =
        • The replace Option
        • The transclude Option
        • The transclude Option using ngTransclude
        • Multiple Directives for Same Element
        • The priority Option
        • The terminal Option
        • Angular Expression vs JS Expression
        Theory (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)|Practical (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)
        Total (04:00 to 05:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 03 Working with Controllers

        • About Controller
        • Creating Controller
        • The ng-controller Directive
        • About $scope Object
        • Controller $scope Object Visibility
        • Adding Behavior to a Scope Object
        • Multiple Controller
        • Single Controller Multiple Views
        • Single Controller Multiple Views Scope – Primitive Option 1
        • Single Controller Multiple Views Scope – Primitive Option 2
        • Single Controller Multiple Views Scope – Reference Option 1
        • Single Controller Multiple Views Scope – Reference Option 2
        • Nested Controller
        • Nested Controller Visibility
        • Nested Controller Visibility using $parent
        • Automatically Create New Property
        • The ng-init vs controller Visibility
        Theory (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 03:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 04 Working with Models & Data Bindings

        • The ng-repeat Directive
        • Iterate Object Properties using ng-repeat
        • Iterate Object Properties using ng-repeat in Angular.js Version 1.3
        • Iterate Object Properties using ng-repeat in Angular.js Version 1.4
        • Iterate Array of Objects using ng-repeat
        • Formats of ng-repeat Directives
        • Using (key, value) in expression Format
        • Built-in ng-repeat Properties
        • The ng-class-odd & ng-class-even
        • Repeating Multiple Top Level Elements
        • How ng-repeat behaves when Collection Changes?
        • How ng-repeat behaves when Collection contains Duplicate elements?
        • The track by Expression
        • The track by $index Option
        • The track by Custom Function Option
        • The track by Object ID Option
        • Default track by Option
        • Nested ng-repeat
        • Model
        • About Data Bindings
        • Kinds of Data Bindings
        • One Way Binding
        • The ng-bind-template Directive
        • The ng-bind-html template
        • Two way Bindings
        • Single Source of Truth
        • Dynamically Creating the Property
        • Dynamically Creating the Object
        • Check Property Exists
        • The ng-bind vs ng-model
        • One Time Binding
        • Preventing Inline Data Binding
        Theory (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 03:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 05 Working with Form Elements

        • The input[text] Element
        • The textarea Element
        • The input[checkbox] Element
        • The input[radio] Element
        • The select Element
        • Statically specify the option element – Single Selection
        • Statically specify the option element – Multiple Selection
        • Unknown Option
        • Dynamically generate the option element
        • The ngOptions Directive
        • Changing the selection value
        • Forms for Array Data Source
        • label for value in array
        • select as label for value in array
        • label disable when disableexpr for value in array
        • label disable when disableexpr for value in array track by trackexpr
        • Creating optgroup Elements
        • label group by group for value in array
        • label group by group for value in array track by trackexpr
        • Forms for Object Data Source
        • label for (key , value) in object
        • select as label for (key , value) in object
        • label group by group for (key, value) in object
        • label disable when disable for (key, value) in object
        • select as label group by group for (key, value) in object
        • select as label disable when disable for (key, value) in object
        • The ngRepeat vs ngOptions
        • The ngList Directive
        Theory (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)|Practical (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)
        Total (04:00 to 05:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 06 Working with Events

        • Simple Click Event
        • Pass Data To Event Handler
        • Click Event
        • Blur Event
        • Focus Event
        • Change Event
        • Cut Copy Paste Event
        • Key Event
        • Mouse Event
        Theory (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)|Practical (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)
        Total (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 07 Working with Form Validations

        • About Form Validation
        • Angular.js Form Validation
        • The form element for Angular.js
        • Need for the name Attribute
        • Need for the novalidate Attribute
        • Need for the ngSubmit Directive (Optional)
        • Input Controls Name Attribute
        • Input Controls Validation Attributes
        • The required Attribute
        • Type Attributes Validation Tokens
        • The input[type=email] Validation
        • The input[type=number] Validation
        • The input[type=url] Validation
        • Built-in Validation Tokens
        • Supported Validation Directives
        • Validation Variables
        • The $valid Variable
        • The $invalid Variable
        • The $pristine Variable
        • The $dirty Variable
        • The $error Variable
        • HTML & Angular Attributes vs Error
        • Type Attributes vs Error
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 08 Working with Routing

        • The $location Service
        • The $location vs window.location
        • The location.absUrl Method
        • The location.protocol Method
        • The Method
        • The location.port Method
        • The location.url Method
        • The location.path Method
        • The location.hash Method
        • The url & path & hash Method
        • The Method
        • Routing
        • The angular-route.js file
        • URL Routes
        • About $routeProvider
        • Routing Syntax
        • The when Method
        • The templateUrl Configuration Option
        • The otherwise Method
        • Methods for Loading HTML
        • The ng-view Directive
        • Simple Route Program
        • ngView directive creates new scope
        • URL Segments
        • Pass Parameters in Route URLS’s
        • Type of Route Parameters
        • Conservative Route Parameters
        • Accessing Routes & Route Parameters
        • Eager Route Parameters
        • Optional Route Parameter
        • The $route Service
        • The current Property
        • Configuration Modes
        • Configuration Parameters
        • The html5mode(mode) Parameter
        • The hashPrefix(prefix) Parameter
        • The Hashbang Mode
        • The HTML5 Mode
        • Hashbang mode vs HTML5 mode
        • The Script Directive
        • The ng-include Directive
        • Partial View
        • Partial View without closing Tag
        • Dynamically Loading the Partial View
        • The ngInclude Same Scope Data
        • The ngInclude New Scope Data
        Theory (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)|Practical (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)
        Total (03:00 to 04:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 09 Working with Filters

        • About Filters
        • Applying Filters
        • Simple Filter
        • The OR Operator with Filter
        • Types of Filters
        • Built-in Filter For Single Value
        • The Currency Filter
        • The number Filter
        • The date Filter
        • The format String
        • Predefined Localizable Formats
        • The date Format
        • The json Filter
        • The uppercase Filter
        • The lowercase Filter
        • Built-in Filter For Collection Value
        • The filter Filter
        • The orderBy Filter
        • The limitTo Filter
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 10 Working with Functions

        • Objectives
        • StringFunctions
        • Copy
        • Extend
        • ForEach
        • Equal
        • CheckingFunction
        • JSONRelatedFunctions
        Theory (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:15 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 02:30 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 11 Working-with-JqLite

        • Objectives
        • Element
        • Retrieve Data
        • CSSRelated Methods
        • Properties And Attributes
        • Data
        • Empty
        • Wrap
        • Ready
        • Events
        • Append After
        • Append After With JQuery
        • Parent Next
        • Parent Next With JQuery
        • Detach Remove Element
        • Retrieve Elements
        • Retrieve Elements JQuery
        • Eq
        Theory (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)|Practical (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)
        Total (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 12 Working-with-Services

        • Angular.js Services
        • Type of Services
        • Built-in Services
        • The $window Services
        • Custom Services
        • Using factory Method
        • Consuming the Services
        • Using Service Method
        • The provider Method
        • The constant Method
        • The value Method
        • The decorator Method
        • The $delegate Injection
        • Services are Singleton Object
        Theory (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)|Practical (01:00 to 01:30 Hrs)
        Total (02:00 to 03:00 Hrs)

      • Chapter - 13 Dependency Injection (DI)

        • About Dependency Injection
        • Angular.js Dependency Injection
        • Angular.injector
        • Annotating Service Name
        • Implicitly from the function parameter names
        • Dependency Injection and Minification
        • Overcome Angular.js DI approach?
        • Using $inject
        • Using $inject – Different Order
        • Inline Annotation for Parameters
        • Strict Dependency Injection
        Theory (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)|Practical (00:45 to 01:00 Hrs)
        Total (01:30 to 02:00 Hrs)

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  • WISEN makes the learning experience enjoyable
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  • Learn the key to develop the Web Application effectively
  • Quickly moved into more advanced topics.

AngularJS Course Certification You can Earn

Angular.js is an open source. Therefore, there is no approximately accepted certification for Angularjs Training Online / Angular.Js Course Class room.

When times get tough for IT hiring, in fact, the AngularJS Course Online / Class room certification from the well known companies like Microsoft, Oracle etc can be a real advantage to boost your profile. But nothing beats experience & practical oriented knowledge. Company want result not Certificate or Angular.js Training / Angular.js Course Online / Angular.Js Course Class room Certificate.

Advanced Best Angularjs Training India Course Material*

Our Course AngularJS Training Student Materials include a comprehensive Student Guide complete with detailed AngularJS course notes, diagrams and a copy of the AngularJS Training presentation. Step-by-step lab instructions are clearly illustrated for maximum learning in our AngularJS Training.

We offer Angularjs Training in Chennai India for classroom based training.

All attendees of WISEN's Classroom Angular.JS Training in Chennai / AngularJS Online Training receive (condition applied) comprehensive courseware, which includes:

  •  Theory & Lessons
  •  Lab Programs / Lab Activities
  •  Real time Tasks / Lab Exercises
  •  Project Work

Best Advanced Angularjs Training Duration

This best Advanced Practical oriented, Real time Classroom AngularJS Training in Chennai / Angularjs Online Course Durations are as following


The exact Angular.Js Course / Angular.Js Training schedule will depend on the theory class pace. If we have time, WISEN have lots more to share the best practice knowledge.

Corporate Course Angularjs Training

With Google Mastering Angular.js Corporate training from WISEN, you and your team can get foundational, intermediate, and advanced level Classroom Angularjs Course in Chennai / Angularjs Online Training .

Customized to suit your needs.

WISEN's Mastering Angular.js Corporate Training Course is architect by High-Level ICT Professionals with Relevant Angular.js MV* architectureIndustry Experience, this Google Corporate AngularJS course features Real Life Application Coding Guidelines. AngularJS Training provides participants with all the practical skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

We offer Angular.js Training in Chennai India for classroom based training.

We specialize in practical-oriented, effective, best practice tailored Corporate Angularjs training for large corporates, groups and small groups in India or aboard, all designed to meet your industry, organization, culture and branding.

Best Angularjs Training Institutes in Chennai Location

Our best Classroom Best Angular.js Course / Angularjs Online course offered location is Chennai, India. Check our Advanced Angularjs Training Institutes in Chennai in Google Map by clicking the any of the below links.

Best AngularJS Training in Chennai

Best AngularJS Course in Chennai 

Wisen offers other best class room courses such as Nodejs Training in Chennai, Backbone.JS Training in Chennai, JavaScript Training Chennai, Bootstrap Training Chennai, Responsive Web Design Training and many more,. 

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What makes Wisen’s Instructor Led Angularjs Online Training Methodology "Online Edge" so unique? 

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  • Practical Tasks and Case Studies: Angularjs Online Training course shall also include these to enhance your IT learning curve and make you Job and Project ready candidate for today's competitive IT world.
  • Balanced Theory & Practical session: Our best angularjs course online ratio is 50% Theory and 50% Practical.

Personalized Query Solving and Feedback Sessions 

We assure you to make you a Job Ready Candidate at the end of the Angularjs online training course session.  

Online Angularjs Training Free Demo Class

Go ahead and avail of our free demo class 

Why an Classroom Best Angularjs Course / Angularjs Online training free demo class? 

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Our Classroom Best Angularjs Training / Angularjs Online course Free Demo class are conducted in Skype, Gtalketc or any other preferred mode you like. 

Angularjs Essential Training Versions

Version taught in our Advanced Classroom Best Angularjs Course / Angularjs Online training

  • Angularjs Version 1.6.4

Best Angular.js Training Lecture / Practical Ratio

This Mastering Best AngularJS Training / Angularjs online course class is

  • 50% quality lecture
  • 30% Hands on lab programs
  • 20% lab problem solving exercises

Angularjs Training Course Prerequisites

This Classroom Best AngularJS course / AngularJS Online Training is an excellent resource for those wishing to cross train into the JavaScript programming world.

  • HTML & HTML5
  • CSS & CSS3
  • JavaScript Language
  • OOP in JavaScript
  • JQuery

By the end of this Classroom Angular.JS course / Angualar.JS Training,  you’ll know how to write well organized web applications using the Angular framework.

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